Favorite Things

As of today, I have officially outgrown my teenage years. In honor of that, I’m taking the time to enlighten you guys as to the stuff that I like. Here are my favorite things in the world in various categories, many of which you came up with (that is, if you actually responded to my instant messages instead of either ignoring me or cursing at me).

Food innovation. Tabasco on cheese pizza. Videogame. Sonic 2. Website. ESPN. Song. Faith Hill – Breathe. Drink. Gatorade lemon-lime. Wrestler. Chris Jericho. Cartoon. The Simpsons. CD. Shania Twain – Come on over. Magazine. Sports Illustrated. Book. Catch me if you can. Car. The Batmobile. Late night host. Jon Stewart. Dorm food. Chicken nachos. Radio station. KIIS-FM. Candy. Orange tic tacs. Movie trailer. Thirteen Days. Color. Green. Cheese movie. Con Air. Superhero. Spider-Man. Comedian. Pablo Francisco. Michael Jordan moment. The flu game. Chips. Doritos cool ranch. Board game. Scrabble. Disney character. The Mouse. Theme song. Terminator 2. TV show. The Pretender. Fast food item. 2 tacos, 99 cents. Jack in the Box. Angel. Tim Salmon. Play-by-play man. Kevin Harlan. Soup. Clam chowder. Judge. Marilyn Milian, The People’s Court. Movie. Back to the Future. Song by actress. Jennifer Love Hewitt – How do I deal. Comic strip. Citizen Dog. Sporting event attended. Game 5, 2002 ALCS. Daily Show correspondent. Ed Helms. State. Maine. Store. Comics Factory. Shampoo. Herbal Essences. Actress. Sandra Bullock. Reality show. Joe Millionaire. Winamp skin. Abyss. Female part. Face. Pizza style. Thin crust. Actor to hate. Keanu. Movie line. “Come with me if you want to live.” Superhero movie. Daredevil. SNL skit. Tim Meadows as John-John Mackey, weatherman. Simpsons recurring character. Duff-Man. Gum. Bubblicious purple. Thing to do. Movies. Place. At my computer or television. Super Bowl ad. Terry Tate. Conan skit. SAT Analogies. Chase scene. Terminator 2, motorcycle and truck; also, Mexican truck, helicopter, and big rig. Insignia. Venom. Infomercial. Ronco Rotisserie. Charlie’s Angel. Drew Barrymore. School grade. 12th. White NBA player not named Mark Madsen. Troy Murphy. Kids show. Power Rangers. Bill Simmons column. Readers mailbag. Font. Times New Roman, 10. Disney song. Little Mermaid – Part of your world. Jackie Chan fight scene. Shanghai Knights, marketplace. Band. Blink 182. Chinese movie. God of Gamblers. TV line. “I’m Jack Bauer and this is the longest day of my life.” Screensaver. Buffy. Action figure. The T-800. Rap song. Eminem feat. Dido – Stan. Pen brand. Pilot easytouch. Cartoon sidekick. Launchpad (Darkwing Duck, Ducktales). Face to make. The People’s Eyebrow. Tool Time girl. Debbie Dunning. Jean Claude Van Damme movie. Knock Off. SNL alumni. Norm MacDonald, Rob Schneider. Entertainment dog. Buck from Married… With Children. Demented fantasy. To sock someone in the face. Thing to hug. My giant Spider-Man stuffed animal. Beanie baby. Pluto (Disney). Do-everything store. Target. Non-Angel. Greg Maddux. Daytime show. The Price is Right. Bruin alumnus. Heather Locklear. School-related website. Sparknotes. Reality TV contestant. Elisabeth Filarski. NBA choke moment. Nick Anderson at the free throw line in the 95 finals. Asian activity. Playing big 2. Pie. Apple (McDonalds). Spanish song. Shakira – Estoy aqui. Atmosphere. Quiet, open field. Swimsuit model. Kathy Ireland. Figure skating program. Philippe Candeloro as a musketeer. Cake. Anything chocolate. Sports movie moment. Charlie Sheen coming out to Wild thing in Major League II. Xena character. Aphrodite. FOX special. World’s Scariest Police Chases. Wrestling entrance. Undertaker’s old video. British TV show. Travel Sick. Children’s books. Clifford the big red dog. Broadcaster. Bob Costas. Voice to hear. Movie trailer guy.


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