Work Observations

There are a lot of weird-ass people out there. I can’t count the number of times a person has asked for a hamburger without the bun (“Uh, here’s your lettuce sandwich”). Or a tri-tip steak sandwich without the roll, essentially a plate of scattered ingredients. A teriyaki bowl without rice. Barbecue chicken with teriyaki sauce. Teriyaki chicken with barbecue sauce. A chicken sandwich with no tomatoes or lettuce, but as many pickles as you could jam in there. Then there was the guy who came up and asked for a three by three. Where do you think you are, In-N-Out? I made it for him… but still.

If you act like you know what you’re doing, people assume that you do. No one really ever considers how much their individual items cost when they reach the register. You just give them a final total, and they take it in stride. The first couple of times I couldn’t find the button for a particular item, I stared at the register like a retard for what felt like minutes, hoping that I would be able to find it without having to ask a coworker for help. Then I realized the customers didn’t care – so I started pushing the button of a comparable item, one that was usually cheaper. And I still do.

Soda comes in a big, syrupy bag inside a box. It doesn’t really hit you how nasty that is until you’re called on to switch the boxes. The leftover liquid is like goo, and the whole box gets your fingers all sticky because of how syrupy it is. Each box is labeled… but they’re just bags of disgusting, disgusting crap. And for some reason, when I refill ice in the machines, there’s always some green or yellow stuff in there. I’m not sure if it’s the bucket, the ice, or maybe just a reflection off a light or something, but it’s definitely weird. Of course, that’s where the water comes from too.

So many people get a bowl of soup without closing the container. They order food without asking what we put in, then tell us after it’s made that they didn’t want pickles or onions or whatever. They fill up a cup of soda to see how it tastes and leave it next to the machine. They leave forks and spoons on the counter when there’s a trash can built into it. They take off after ordering, I guess because they couldn’t wait the two minutes it takes. They leave napkins and newspapers on the table after they eat. Maybe they figure that someone out there is going to clean it for them. Or maybe they’re unaware of what they do. But they do it.


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