Why SoCal is Awesome

There are a million reasons why living in Southern California is awesome (I would say Los Angeles, but now that I spend most of my time in Orange County, I guess I have to broaden the geographic range of my assertions). There are the obvious things, like weather, atmosphere, attitude, of course. But it’s the little things. The subtle things.

When I see ‘fake’ news reporters in various movies or television shows, I know who they are. Yes, when Dilva Henry appears in The Day After Tomorrow, I know her as one of the afternoon anchors and on-site reporters on KCAL9. When Rick Garcia shows up in Collateral Damage, to me, he’s the guy who will deliver the sports that night on FOX11, then head a 30-minute news show on MyNetwork13. His co-anchor on that? Lauren Sanchez, Fantastic Four. Hal Fishman in Spider-Man 3? KTLA5. Jeff Michael and Lisa Joyner in Next? The anchor and entertainment reporter, respectively, on FOX11. These are my people. My familiar faces. And it’s really, really neat to have that little bonus, that realization, that “Hey, it’s Rick Garcia!” moment. And anyone who lives anywhere else in the world doesn’t get to experience it.


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