Why SoCal is Awesome II

I get an unequivocal thrill when I’m on the I-5 in Anaheim and I get to see the Disneyland nighttime fireworks off in the distance. I absolutely adore it when I see them while walking through the parking lot just across the way at Angel Stadium. They’re just fireworks, but they’re not. For all the baggage, for the gruesome deaths and long lines and ridiculous prices, it’s still Disneyland. And as I drive through, it kind of hits me that the happiest place on Earth is right there. That there’s purity and innocence and joy and everything else right there. It’s completely surreal, as though for that brief moment, as the greens and reds and blues flare into the sky, I’m reminded that I’m at the edge of an intersection – where our world meets a far more magical one.


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