Angels and Demons



It’s the kind of loss that makes you question everything. Makes you wonder why you care so much. Is it worth it? You commit the time, the energy, the heart… only to see it end the same way. Again. Makes you wonder how it can be so cruel. It’s six months, gone in an instant. Another year down the drain. You want to scream. You want to cry. You want to forget. It sucks the hope right out of you. And it just fucking kills you.

It’s different this time – worse. 100 wins. There was an opportunity there. This time, it chips at something that can never be restored. This time, it’s planted seeds of doubt that will remain with you, forever. 1995 marked the end of innocence. 2005 brought pure venom and bitterness. But 2008 is worse than any of that. Three times in five years – it’s left me broken.


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